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Purpose of Interlibrary Loan
Interlibrary loan is a service that is provided to obtain materials which are not available in Keystone College's Miller Library. Materials necessary for study and research are borrowed from other libraries; photocopies of materials or journal articles that libraries will not lend can also be acquired.

The conditions of this service are set forth by the National Interlibrary Loan Code, 1980 (adopted by the American Library Association), the policies of the Miller Library local agreements, and the regulations of individual lending institutions.

Who May Use Interlibrary Loan
All faculty, students, and staff affiliated with Keystone College have full interlibrary loan privileges. "Local scholars" may apply for and be granted interlibrary loan privileges.

What Materials Can Be Obtained Through Interlibrary Loan
Books, theses, music and some materials reproduced in microform (such as newspapers) may be borrowed. Photocopies of other materials can be requested in accordance with the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, US Code). Items missing from Miller Library can be obtained.

The following types of materials cannot generally be requested: books owned by this library and temporarily in use; books with the current year copyright date; periodical volumes; materials for class, reserve or group use; reference books; rare or valuable materials; and unpublished manuscripts. Videos may be requested if they can be identified as being owned by a library within our region.

It is the policy of Miller Library to not request materials from other libraries that we do not lend ourselves. This includes computer and AV software, curriculum materials, and children's literature.

Materials usually circulate on interlibrary loan for a period of 21 days. However, due dates and renewals are dictated by the lending library.

Scope Of Interlibrary Loan Service
Items must be related to Keystone curricula or related to committee work, job assignment, assigned research or grant.







Copyright Provisions that May Affect Interlibrary Loan
If the Copyright Law applies: 

1)  Our library can request no more than six photocopies of articles out of any given journal during the calendar year.  
2)  Our library can request only one photocopied article out of any issue of a journal and not even that if that one article constitutes the entire editorial content of that issue.














Miller Library does assess fees for some aspects of Inter Library Loan service. There is a $.10 a page fee for some requested articles.  Books are usually free, unless the item is hard-to-ship or lending library has special user or shipping fees.  You will be notified of any extra fees in advance. 

Books that are borrowed by Miller Library for our patron's use are subject to the same circulation policies and penalties that are in effect at the Miller Library. Failure to adhere to these policies may result in fines and loss of library privileges. The lending library determines the length of the loan period as well as any special conditions/limitations that apply; i.e. "No Renewal" or "In Library Use Only".  This means that if you receive a book through Interlibrary Loan from the XYZ Library and the XYZ Library says you can only have the book for one week without the option of renewal, you will be held to XYZ's rules and will only be able to have the book for one week and you will not be able to renew.







The purpose of interlibrary loan is to obtain materials that are not available locally. Interlibrary borrowing and lending are made possible through cooperative agreements in which participating libraries permit the use of their collections by scholars, researchers, and students of other institutions. Interlibrary loan is usually a library-to-library transaction, including both domestic and international libraries. Documents are also obtained through non-library entities utilizing commercial document suppliers, full-text databases, and author contacts. 

1. Description of Eligible Borrowers and Costs Incurred

Eligibility for interlibrary loan services is established by presentation of a valid Keystone College ID.  A registered high school borrower must use a local, public or school library for interlibrary loan service. Interlibrary loan transactions of books are free to all faculty, emeritus/emerita faculty, staff, and families of Keystone employees & alumni while photocopied materials may incur a per page copying fee. Individual Guest Borrowers are charged a $2.00 minimum fee or 100% of direct costs for a transaction, whichever is greater. 

2. Requesting Materials

Users submit requests once they have identified the material needed. Requests are accepted in person with the requester filling out a standard Keystone College Library Interlibrary Loan form, or by electronic mail or fax. Requests are verified by interlibrary loan staff or reference librarians. Each transaction requires a separate form. Completed forms are given to the interlibrary loan specialists for processing.  Interlibrary Loan staff determine a source for the requested materials and acquire the information. Users at Keystone are notified by telephone or electronic mail when requests are filled or when a request cannot be filled.

3. Types of Materials Borrowed or Lent

Borrowed: Miller Library will attempt to borrow any type of material needed by its users.

Lent: The following material types are found in the Keystone College Library. Please note any restrictions that apply to particular categories. Although not indicated below, some restrictions may be applied to loans or waived under special circumstances.

Monographs: lent
Journals: Journal articles are generally photocopied. Bound journals may be loaned. Some libraries may lend unbound journals by exception, for short periods.
CD-ROM (non-sound recording): not lent
Compact Disk (sound recording): not lent
Diskette (software): not lent (unless part of loaned item)
Equipment: not lent
Film: not lent
Maps (and Atlases): lent with restrictions for size and condition.
Microcard: lent
Microfiche: lent
Microfilm: lent
Model: not lent
Newspaper: not lent with some exceptions.
Pamphlet: lent
Phonodisc: not lent
Phonotape: lent
Scores: lent
Slide:  not lent 
Videodisc: not lent
Videotape: lent by some libraries.

4. Description of Utilities
An ILL utility is the service or system one uses to initiate and update the progress of an interlibrary loan transaction.
OCLC is an automated information system that provides access to a machine-readable database containing the holdings of 19,000 academic, public and state library systems. The Interlibrary Loan subsystem expedites ILL requests between institutions and other fee-based document suppliers. The Northeastern Pennsylvania Library Network (NPLN) is a local library consortium that includes Keystone College and helps expedite ILL requests between members.

5. Loan Periods and Renewals
The loan period is usually three weeks for most materials from the Miller Library.  The Miller Library respects the loan periods of lending libraries. All interlibrary loans are subject to recall at any time.

6. Copyright and Photocopying
The Miller Library follows the current CONFU copyright guidelines when requesting reproduction of materials. If the copyright law applies, not more than six (6) articles may be requested in a calendar year from a given journal title from the most recent five year period. If a library has exceeded this limit, requests may be made through an article delivery service or royalties paid to the publisher or Copyright Clearance Center. All supplied copies include a notice of copyright.

7. Delivery/Insurance Practices
Materials that must be wrapped for shipment are processed in the Staff Room in Miller Library. These materials are sent Fourth Class U.S. Mail (Library Rate) unless otherwise specified by the lending library.  Photocopy requests are mailed First Class from the Miller Library or transmitted electronically using the ARIEL document transmission system. Fax will generally be used if requested and is compatible with material type and copyright, but may result in additional charges. General correspondence and billing that cannot be processed through a utility are usually mailed by the individual library. 

9. Security of Interlibrary Loan Materials
Aside from insurance for loss or damage in transit, certain conditions of use may be imposed on materials borrowed by and those loaned by Miller Library. Materials borrowed from other institutions are circulated to our users unless restrictions have been set by the lending institution. The Interlibrary Loan Department may place restrictions on materials loaned to another library including "in library use only", "no photocopying" or "no renewals."


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Comments and suggestions about this page should go to the Reference Team.
Miller Library, Keystone College, One College Green La Plume, PA 18440

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