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Cell Phone Use - Polite cell phone is allowed. Ringers must be turned off. Conversations must be short and quiet. Extended or loud conversations should be taken in the Lobby. Loud talkers and repeat offenders will be asked to leave the library.   

Eating & Drinking in the Library - Food & drink are allowed in the Library. 

Computer Use - Academic Use is given priority over casual surfing and email.

Borrowing Privileges - With a valid picture ID, the Miller Library extends borrowing privileges to Keystone College's students, staff and faculty as well as members of the local community.

  • Keystone Students, Faculty & Staff - You need a valid Keystone ID to check out any and all materials. All lending is done in accordance with the current circulation rules. Excessive fines and delinquent materials may affect your privileges.
  • Public - Public patrons are granted borrowing privileges with a valid PA Driver's license or Access PA public library card.



Please mute your cell phone while in the Library

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Collection Development Policy
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This policy follows the recommendations of the Intellectual Freedom Committee of the American Library Association.

The Miller Library's definition of circulation records includes interlibrary loan, media services, database searching, "electronic searching" and any other records which track or identify a borrower of media services materials, or a library user of any service.

It is the policy of the Miller Library to maintain no record that would link a user to materials or service once the materials are returned or a service completed. Furthermore, whenever feasible, whatever records that the Miller Library gathers for statistical purposes are retained separately and independently from user identification.

No library or media services employee shall reveal the identity of a borrower or any other information relating to the borrower to any requestor except as required by proper legal order or subpoena. Nor shall information on what reference questions are asked by whom be divulged.

Those to whom information will be denied includes, but is not limited to: faculty, staff, parents, students, campus security, police, F.B.I. agents, and military personnel. These regulations include reserve book material. Circulation staff refer to faculty with special concerns to the Director.


Pennsylvania Law, (24 Pa. C.S.A. Section 4428)

Records related to the circulation of library materials which contain the names or other personally identifying details regarding the users of the State Library or any local library which is established or maintained under any law of the Commonwealth of the library of any university, college or education institution chartered by the Commonwealth or the library of any public school or branch reading room, deposit station or agency operated in connection therewith, shall be confidential and shall not be made available to anyone except by a court order in a criminal proceeding.


Collection Development Policy

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The library purchases material that is largely concerned with current theories, events and topics in fields relevant to the evolving curriculum and recognizing the College's dedication to the liberal arts.  Materials in support of new programs and/or curricular are emphasized. Exceptions include seminal and historical works in appropriate fields.  

Subject and Division-specific Collection Evaluations and Policies are available from the Director or Division Chairs.


Collecting is done in journal, monographic serial, monographic, working paper, microfilm, audiotape and electronic formats with some prioritizing. 


The emphasis is on the U.S. in general and Pennsylvania when appropriate though the collection will include some material that covers new, alternative and international issues.


English language material is collected almost exclusively.

Publication Date

The emphasis is on currently produced materials.


Miller Library attempts to acquire all books and articles authored by Keystone faculty and alumni.  

Subscriptions to electronic files in the form of CD ROM or password are considered, but web-based formats with simultaneous user limits are preferred. All electronic systems will be evaluated according to the following characteristics: 

Systems that provide information in subject areas heavily researched by Keystone students and faculty. (Labor Law is an example.)

  • Systems that provide direct and easy access by students and faculty (preferably through the WWW).

  • Systems that substitute in whole or in part for printed or microform material. 

  • Systems that provide academic discounts for student use.

  • Systems that can be purchased through PALINET cooperative purchasing agreements.



Miller Library's primary mission is to meet current undergraduate and graduate research needs. Thus, the Library strives to provide a collection designed for active use by its students and the campus community.

Accomplishing this goal requires a weeding policy with specific guidelines, which is continuously implemented. Before being discarded each item is reviewed by the appropriate staff member based upon professional judgment and knowledge of the collection and curriculum. Librarians may at times look to the archivist and faculty members for their recommendations.

Titles, which may be weeded, are identified using the criteria below.

1) Superceded editions not containing unique information or data

2) Titles unused within a reasonable time period based upon subject and scope of the work except for such items considered classics or standard editions

3) Duplicate titles unless a proven demand exists for multiple copies

4) Materials which do not support the current Keystone College curriculum

5) Items in poor condition which are beyond reasonable preservation efforts (based on curricular needs, replacement titles may be ordered)

Federal documents (in all formats) received through the Depository system must follow federal laws in deciding what to withdraw and the procedures to be followed.





Weeding Policy












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