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  Connecting to Miller Library's resources is now easier via EZProxy. Just login using your Keystone Network Logon.
This is the same Username and Password you use to access your Keystone Email and the Keystone College Network.
  What do I need to login?     
  • Select the Database you want to use. When you see the login screen below,

  • Enter your Username   
    • Students -- Your first initial and last name and perhaps a number, ex. jsmith or jsmith1
    • Faculty & Staff -- Your firstname.lastname, ex. Joe.Smith
    • Public Patrons -- No remote access available.
  • Enter your Password
  • As long as you use the same Internet Explorer window, you should only have to login one each session.
If you run into problems
  1. Check that you have typed the username and password correctly.
  2. Check the information below regarding AOL issues, Norton Firewall issues and Browser/Cookie issues.
  3. Contact the Library if you can logon to the network but not the databases.
  4. Contact IT if you cannot cannot logon to the Keystone Network for any reason.
  Still Having Trouble?  




Incorrect ID or PIN
  • Check the obvious things first: (1) "Caps Lock" is OFF on your keyboard before you start typing in your username or password; (2) You typed your Network ID - the same username and password you use for your Keystone email account and for Blackboard.
  • Verify your Network ID, and test it by logging onto a College computer or your Keystone email account. If successful there, please submit a Logon Problem Report telling us what you were unable to access.
  • Contact Keystone's Information Technology Help Desk if you have forgotten your password.



AOL Users The AOL Browser is not recommended for database access. After connecting to the internet, minimize the AOL screen and use Internet Explorer or Netscape for browsing and access.  




Accessing from Work EZProxy should work with most workplace systems. If it does not, then your workplace has probably disabled all proxy use.  Contact your local administrator.




Browser Requirements We recommend the latest versions of Internet Explorer or Netscape for access.  
(Browser Health Check from Proquest)

Cookies must be enabled. For instructions on enabling cookies click here.

Download the latest version of Netscape
Download Internet Explorer for Windows 
Download Internet Explorer for the Macintosh





Bookmarks, Favorites, etc. Bookmarks, shortcuts and favorites are not recommended to access databases and are not reliable. Enter through the Off Campus links on the Library's homepage or the Database page. 




PDF documents To access PDF files, you need Adobe Reader.
Download the latest version of Adobe Reader here.






Norton Antivirus/Firewall Issues The Library authenticates users via referral URLs.  Some Norton users have experienced access issues due to NIS/NPF blocking referrer information.  If you experience this issue, you will need to make the following adjustments to allow access to the databases without disabling NIS or NPF.   (This information is adapted from the Norton site.)

Some Web pages require referrer information before allowing you to view their page. If you want to allow referrer information to pass to a particular Web page, you must create a rule for it.

To create a rule that permits referrer information
  1. Open Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall.
  2. Do one of the following.
    • In Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall 2003: Click Options > Internet Security, and then click the Web Content tab.
    • In Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall 2004 or newer: Double-click Privacy Control, and then click Advanced.
  3. In the bottom of the Advanced window, click Add Site. **
  4. In the New Site/Domain box, type the name of the site that you want to receive the referrer information, and click OK.
    The site name appears in the left frame of the Options window.
  5. Click the name of the new site.
  6. On the Global Settings tab, under the Information about visited sites section, uncheck Use default settings.
  7. Click Permit.
  8. Click OK to close the Options window.
  • **Here are the sites you need to add:






Enabling Cookies The steps below will walk you through checking or enabling cookies on your browser. If you are unsure of the browser version you're using, please go to Help>About on your browser menu bar.
          Internet Explorer 6.0
    • Go to Tools
    • Choose Internet Options
    • Choose Privacy
    • Move lever down to Accept All Cookies
    • Click OK to save
Internet Explorer 5.0 or 5.5 for Windows
    • Go to Tools
    • Choose Internet Options
    • Click Security
    • Click Custom Level
    • Scroll down until you see cookies and change both to enable all cookies
    • Click apply then OK
Internet Explorer for Macintosh
    • Go to Edit>Preferences
    • Click Receiving files>Cookies
    • Set When Receiving Cookies to Never Ask or Ask for Each Site
    • Click OK to save
Netscape 7.0 or higher
    • Go to Edit
    • Choose Preferences
    • Click Privacy & Security
    • Click Cookies
    • Click Enable all cookies

Netscape 6.x

  • Go to Edit
  • Choose Preferences
  • Click Advanced
  • Click Cookies
  • Click Enable all Cookies
  • Click OK

Netscape 4.x

    • Click on Edit
    • Click on Preferences
    • Click on Advanced
    • Choose Accept all cookies
    • Click OK

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