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Technology Accessibility Statements and Privacy Policies

Keystone College is committed to maintaining an accessible online learning environment. Please find the relevant accessibility statements and privacy policies below.  
  Learning Management System    
    Canvas Accessibility Statement / Privacy Policy    
    Moodle Accessibility Statement / Privacy Notice    
  Learning Support Technologies    
    Adobe Accessibility Statement / Privacy Policy    
    Cengage Learning Education Materials Accessibility & Usability    
    EBSCO Accessibility / Privacy Policy    
    Films On Demand Accessibility (PDF)    
    Google/GoogleDocs Accessibility Statement / Privacy Policy    
    Khan Academy Accessibilty / Privacy    
    LexisNexis Accessibility / Privacy Policy    
    LiveText/Watermark Accessibility / Privacy Policy    
    Microsoft Office Accessibility Statement / Privacy Statement    
    OpenOffice Accessibility Statement / Privacy Statement    
    Pearson Assistive Technologies / Privacy Policy    
    Pearson MyMathLab    
    Prezi Privacy Statement    
    Proquest Accessibility / Privacy Policy    
    TED Talks Policies & Terms    
    Turnitin Accessibility Statement / Privacy Statement & Pledge    
    YouTube Accessibility Statement / Privacy Policy & Guidelines    
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