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Today's Papers - Slate magazine offers a summary of what's in major U.S. papers.

Today's Front Pages - Curious about the headlines or how different newspapers are reporting on events? Newseum offers pictures of 344 front pages from 40 countries presented alphabetically or by region

In Other Magazines - Slate's summary of news in major magazines

Week In Review -The New York Times' weekly summary

If you are searching for transcripts from a particular show such as National Public Radio (NPR) All Things Considered, use the Guided News Search available through LexisNexis Academic.

  1. Select the News Category: News Transcripts.
  2. Select a News Source: (The network you wish to search)


Pennsylvania News
PA News Headlines
PA Newspapers - NewsLink
PA Government News
Scranton Times
Times Leader
Editorials & Opinions
Daily Editorial Cartoons
Drudge Report
Pew Research Center
Political Theory Daily Review
News Hubs & Directories
America Journalism Review
Beyond...the Black Stump
News Hub
News Link
Searching for Information in Specific U.S. Newspapers
The database with the largest number of Newspapers is LexisNexis Academic. Use the Guided News Search.
  1. Select the News Category: U.S. News.
  2. Select a News Source: (The region or state of the paper you want.)
  3. Click Source List.
  4. Find and check the newspaper you wish to search.
  5. Click Paste to Search.
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Arizona Republic (7 days)
Chicago Tribune (7 days)
Denver Post (60 days)
Detroit Free Press (7 days)
LA Times (7 days)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (4 years)
Minneapolis Star-Tribune (3 weeks)
NY Times (2 weeks)
Philadelphia Inquirer (7 days)
San Diego Union-Tribune (1999-present)
Seattle Times (1996-present)
SF Chronicle (30 days)
Washington Post (14 days)


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