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Affirmative Action/Race Relations

  • Affirmative Action and Civil Rights (University of Colorado) --  This site has links to affirmative action and civil rights sites, including federal court cases, a resource list, and an affirmative action review report of the President of the United States and Proposition 209. 
  • The Affirmative Action and Diversity Project: A Web Page for Research --  This site is an academic resource and it provides scholars, students, and the interested public with onsite articles and theoretical analyses, policy documents, current legislative updates, and an annotated bibliography of research and teaching materials. 
  • Race Relations Institute  (Fisk University) --  This Web site includes a race relations directory, mission, history, staff, and links to other sites on race relations.  

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Higher Education Resources

  • AACU UM Diversityweb -- This diversity Web page was developed by the Association of American Colleges and Universities and the University of Maryland in cooperation with Diversity Connections. It has links to colleges and universities working to integrate diversity into U.S. society. It includes the institutional vision, leadership, and systemic change, recruitment, retention, affirmative action, curriculum transformation, faculty-staff involvement, student experience and development, diversity research, evaluation, and impact. 
  • American Association of University Professors-Diversity & Affirmative Action Links -- This site has links to diversity and affirmative action issues in higher education. 
  • Equity and Diversity at the University of Maryland -- The University of Maryland's Diversity Database is an index of multicultural, multiracial, and multigenerational diversity resources, including institutional diversity initiatives, definitions, directories, and diversity-related syllabi at colleges and universities.
  • Ethnic and Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT) -- This site provides information on its history, programs on diversity, mail lists, conferences, publications, highlights of past EMIE Bulletins, and publications.
  • Center for Advancement of Racial and Ethnic Equity-- CAREE began in 1987 to respond to the declining rates of minority participation in higher education. The Web site contains a mission statement, member directory, and news releases, and a report called "Does Diversity Make a Difference? Three Research Studies on Diversity in College Classroom." CAREE also publishes the Status Report of Minorities in Higher Education.
  • The Ohio State University Diversity Web site -- This site includes links to teaching diversity, a bibliography, tips on mentoring programs, Asian American, African American, Hispanic/Latin, and Native American sites, and sexual orientation.  
  • The School of Social Service Administration -- University of Chicago.

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General Multicultural and Diversity Resources

  • American Studies Web This interdisciplinary information server for American Studies has a subject category, "race and ethnicity" and links to sites including General Resources, African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Native American Studies, Latino and Chicano Studies, other ethnic groups, gay and lesbian, and bisexual sources.
  • Beginning Library Research on Ethnic Identity in the United States -- Compiled for Stanford University, but useful anywhere, this site has finding aids to help researchers identify sources scattered over many library categories. The list of keywords and subject headings may be especially helpful; and encyclopedias and other research books and indexes are listed. 
  • Census Bureau Minority Links for Media -- This census site includes links to the latest trends and data on the following groups: African American, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander, and American Indian. 
  • Center for Multilingual Multicultural Research  (University of Southern California) -- This center facilitates the research collaboration, dissemination, and professional activities of faculty, students, and others. The site includes the USC Latino and Language Minority Teacher Projects, the Ford Foundation Minority Teacher Education Program, and the Recruiting New Teachers Inc., and provides links to African American, Asian American, Latino/Hispanic, and Native American resources. 
  • Electronic Resources on Diversity (Santa Clara University) -- Electronic Resources on Diversity has links to information on African Americans, Asian Americans, European Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and Middle Eastern Americans.
  • Multicultural Paths-- Offers links to teaching resources, essays, museums, etc. in categories that include Race and Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Social Class, Religion and others.
  • Multicultural Pavilion -- The mission of this site is to provide resources for educators to explore multicultural education, to facilitate opportunities for educators to work towards self-awareness and development, and to provide forums for educators to interact and collaborate toward a critical transformative approach to multicultural education. 
  • MultiCultural Review -- MultiCultural Review is journal for teachers at all grade levels, college professors, librarians, administrators, and anyone interested in learning about new developments and trends in the field of cultural diversity. This is a Greenwood Press Web site with a table of contents for previously printed issues. 

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African Americans

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Asian Americans

  • UCLA Asian American Studies Center -- The purpose of the center is to enrich the experience of the university and contribute to the understanding of the neglected history, rich cultural heritage, and present position of Asian Americans in our society. It includes accomplishments of Asian American Studies, AASC mailing list registration, UCLA's Amerasia Journal, scholarships, graduate studies, and publications. 

  • Duke's East Asian Collection  -- This site introduces the East Asian collection of the Perkins Library of Duke University and contains links to East Asian studies' Web sites; Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Asian American studies and programs; and student organizations. 

  • East Asian Resources on the Web -- The homepage of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers links to East Asian Resources in the libraries, educational institutions, online newspapers, and databases. 

  • East Asian Studies Internet Resources -- Maintained by the East Asian Library of UCLA, this comprehensive site contains information on art, business and economy, philosophy and religions, politics and international relations, lists of professional associations, and academic programs. Certain sites require special language software to view. 

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  • California Latin Demographic Databook -- This 1990 data on the Hispanic population in California is taken from the Current Population Survey. It includes Hispanic and non-Hispanic populations in California, racial/ethnic composition of the California population, composition of the California Hispanic population, percentage of Hispanic populations in California, percentage of U.S. Hispanic population in California, percentage of U.S. Hispanic population in California, growth in the percentage of Hispanic populations in the United State, and absolute growth in Hispanic populations in the U.S.
  • Hispanic Reading Room -- The Hispanic Reading Room of the Library of Congress serves as the access point for research relating to the geographical areas of the Caribbean, Latin America, and Iberia, and has a link to the Handbook of Latin American Studies--a comprehensive research site. 
  • Internet Resources for Latin America -- New Mexico State University Library annotates Latin American resources with brief descriptions of the content and quality of the sites. 
  • Latin American Network Information Center -- This University of Texas site provides numerous links to Latin American countries, education, libraries, and societies (some in Spanish).

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Native Americans

  • American Indian Studies -- This site includes artwork, photographs, and videos reflecting the history of the Native American experience, including its literature, links to Native American Indian studies, and Indians of North America, Central America, and Mexico. 
  • Index of Native American Resources on the Internet -- A comprehensive index of resources, including culture, history, video/film, health, artists, museums, links to tribe sites, and activists sites for Native American students, educators, and scholars.
  • Indianz.com -- Updated daily, this production of Noble Savage Media and Ho-Chunk, Inc., based on the Winnebago Reservation in Nebraska, provides news, information, and resources about issues facing Native peoples. The Web site's greatest service is its collection and dissemination in one easy-to-use location of Indian news from a wide variety of sources. Visitors will find information about new and ongoing issues, from current news and Indian TV to forums. The home page provides links to upcoming events, budget documents ("DOI in Brief," "BIA Highlights," "Indian Highlights"), and recent reports.
  • NativeWeb -- This website has links to many resources on indigenous communities worldwide. 

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