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When evaluating web pages it is crucial to look for clues about the credibility & intent of the page. To help in your search, print out out this Web Page Evaluation Checklist designed by The Teaching Library and consult the Miller Library's Guide on the different types of web pages.
  • Authorship
    • Who is writing the page?
    • What are their affiliations, credentials, biases and intents?
    • What is their mission?
  • Purpose
    • What is the purpose of the page?
    • Is it trying to sell or persuade?
    • Is the site "for real" or is it a spoof?
  • Content
    • Is the information well-written?
    • Researched?
    • Current?
  • Reputation
    • Who owns the domain?
    • Who else is linking to the site and why?
    • Who is commenting on the page or its authors?




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